About Universal Trade Frames

At Universal Trade Frames we believe in providing the highest quality manufactured PVC-U products available to the trade.

We are a family owned company trading since 1995 and renowned as a company who strives to stay ahead of the moving trends within our industry. You can always rely on us for top quality, innovative products and support.

Universal Trade Frames

Made in Britain

Everything we manufacture is here in the UK and is therefore covered by regulations designed to protect the environment. We don’t contribute unnecessarily to transport pollution or clogging up the shipping lanes. By keeping our manufacturing in the UK, were proud to support British jobs and the people manufacturing our products enjoy fair wages and decent conditions.

  • Our windows and doors provide an outstanding barrier against heat and noise loss - even in the most extreme whether conditions.
  • Windows and doors made from PVC negates the use of timber, protecting the planets trees.
  • We recycle our own waste and generate new products whilst still retaining the highest standards in quality of material.
  • Our windows and doors do not require painting and therefore don't consume additional harmful materials or generate associated waste.
  • Our entire manufacturing process - from production to installation - is confined to the UK and Ireland thereby minimising transportation and fuel consumption from wider exportation.