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Spectus trade fabricator, Universal Trade Frames has been highlighting the importance of security for some time. Brian Kruger, Universal Trade Frames’ Managing Director, says: “Our customers know that security is a huge factor for contractors and homeowners and we are proud to have a range of products that have achieved Secured by Design accreditation, the flagship UK police initiative to help ‘design out’ crime through the use of high-quality, innovative products and processes.”

Universal Trade Frames has Secured by Design accreditation on its casement windows manufactured from both Spectus Elite 70 bevelled and Elite 70 ovolo systems.  It also has the accreditation on Spectus Flush 70 PVC-U casement window, Eite 70 tilt and turn bevelled window, Elite 70 tilt and turn ovolo window, Spectus Elite 70 residential single door bevelled, Elite 70 residential single door ovolo, Elite 70 residential double door bevelled and Elite 70 residential double door ovolo.  All products are also certified to PAS 24:2016 too, which can also be used to demonstrate compliance with Approved Document Q, BS 6375-1 for weathertightness and BS 6375-2 and BS EN 1191 for operation and strength testing.

Secured by Design is now widely recognising by professional audiences and increasingly by consumers, as a valuable mark of police preferred specification.

Brian concludes, “Products that meet the highest standards and comply with the latest regulations are vital. It’s something that Universal Trade Frames take very seriously. Our customers depend on the quality and compliance of our products and we don’t let them down.”

Universal Trade Frames has built its business by providing quality at every level. All its products are manufactured at its Shropshire headquarters to ensure quality and reliability – and, as the security features on its products demonstrate, these are backed up with accreditations that provide the peace of mind that installers value and homeowners want.

Universal Trade Frames upgrades door locking system for value-added performance

UTF-TestingTrade fabricator Universal Trade Frames has introduced a new 7-point security locking system to its door products as standard.   The Elite Security 2 hook, 4 roller lock is a high security extending door lock which has been designed to meet the requirements of PAS 24 and Document Q.  Brian Kruger, Universal Trade Frames’ Managing Director, said, “Quality and security is extremely important to us and we continually evaluate our product components to ensure we are offering our customers the best combination of quality and value.  Our new Elite 7-point locking system offers a wealth of features and benefits that will enhance our door products even further.”

The Elite 7-point security locking system is robust and durable and incorporates bi-directional steel hooks for added security.   Four rollers are positioned along the length of the lock for even compression with dual spindles as standard, giving greater flexibility.  Adjustability is available on the hook and cam and elongated fixing holes ensures installers can always fix into a brick substrate. The locking system has exceeded 480 hours salt spray exposure (EN1675 Grade 5) and offers a 10-year guarantee.

Brian said, “The new 7-point high security locking system will be fitted as standard to all our single and double doors with immediate effect.”

Universal has been providing the highest quality products to the trade since 1996 and is renowned as a company its customers can rely on to deliver top quality, high security products. The addition of the new 7-point high security lock is a perfect demonstration to this commitment.

An exceptional commitment to certification from Universal Trade Frames

UTF-TestingProducts that meet the highest standards and comply with the latest regulations are vital. It’s something that Universal Trade Frames take very seriously. Duncan Saunders, Universal’s General Manager, said: “Our customers depend on the quality and compliance of our products and we don’t let them down. It’s why every single combination of all products in our portfolio has undergone extensive testing at Wintech Testing & Certification.”

The certifications that Universal’s products have include PAS 24:2016, which can also be used to demonstrate compliance with Approved Document Q, BS 6375-1 for weathertightness and BS 6375-2 and BS EN 1191 for operation and strength testing.

Duncan commented: “It’s very important to us to offer our customers the highest standards. We could have cascaded certifications but that isn’t the Universal way. We wanted full certification with every product. Not every product passed first time and when one didn’t, we upgraded the specification so it could pass fully.”

Mark Swanborough at Wintech commented: “As an independent UKAS accredited testing laboratory and certification body we were impressed by Universal’s commitment to offering full certification on their entire portfolio and feel sure it will offer their customers a high level of reassurance of the quality on offer.”

Universal’s product portfolio is extensive and includes PVC-u casement, tilt and turn, flush casement windows, sliding sash and Residence9 windows. Its door range includes composite doors, bifolding doors, residential doors and patio doors. Its aluminium offering includes windows and bifolding doors. It also offers Fab&Fix Hardware, bow canopies, Kestrel roofline, cladding and window finishes and a cavity former/closer.

Universal has been providing the highest quality products to the trade since 1996 and is renowned as a company its customers can rely on to deliver top quality, innovative products and support and that strives to stay ahead of the moving trends within the industry. It’s a reputation that is richly deserved as this approach to certification demonstrates.

Universal Trade Frames harnesses technology to help customers

When time is money, being able to get the information you need at the click of a mouse is invaluable. It’s something Spectus trade fabricator Universal Trade Frames knows and in its instant quote facility it’s delivering the service its customers need.

flush sash

Managing Director Brian Kruger said: “Our Business Micros EvoSatellite software gives our customers quotes in real time, which they can then convert to an order at the push of a button. It means they can get a price and place an order straightaway rather than faxing or emailing requests and waiting for a response. It’s a system we know our customers value because it saves them time and hassle and allows them to work independently.”

The EvoSatellite software works on both PCs and tablets, so installers can get prices when they’re in the office and when they’re out on the road, which makes it an even more valuable tool. Brian comments: “The fact the software works anywhere there’s an internet connection means installers can give prices to customers straightaway. It dramatically reduces the delay between measuring up and confirming the order.”

Universal Trade Frames sets every customer up with the software as standard. The company has an in-house consultant who oversees the set-up process and makes sure it is working correctly and is compatible with all the customer’s systems. They are then on hand to answer any technical queries or provide any additional support or training that’s needed to help every customer get the most out of what the software has to offer their business.

Universal Trade Frames is renowned for staying ahead of trends and delivering the quality, innovation and support that today’s installers need. It’s use of the EvoSatellite software and the support it provides in helping its customers benefit from it demonstrates why it has a such a good reputation for adding value to installers’ businesses.

Make life easy with the Spectus Cavity Closer from Universal Trade Frames

Lee Blower, the owner of LG Blower Specialist Bricklayer Ltd in Shrewsbury is a recognised expert in his profession: he won the Gold medal for Bricklaying at the WorldSkills Olympics and employs over 50 bricklayers in his business. It means that his endorsement of the Spectus Cavity Closer, which he sources from Universal Trade Frames, carries a lot of weight.

flush sash

The Spectus Cavity Closer fits into the brick or block work as you build and acts as a former, closer, thermal break, insulation and damp proof in one, saving time and money. Using them means there is no need to re-survey for window sizes, no more mistakes when you measure the windows, no more delays, because the windows can be ready in stock for installation and windows simply snap or screw into position for a quick, simple installation.

Lee says he uses the Spectus Cavity Closer because it makes life easy and helps to speed up projects. “We can’t often order dummy frames or cavity formers in advance because we don’t know the size required until the brick bond is taking shape. It means that when we need cavity formers, we need them fast if the project schedule isn’t going to be delayed. By using the Spectus Cavity Closer there are no delays to the project because we don’t need to wait for carpenters and our bricklayers can undertake the installation.”

Lee has been working with Universal Trade Frames for over ten years. In that time, his company has expanded from simply offering brickwork packages to offering complete build packages and Lee has had no hesitation in turning to Universal Trade Frames for support as his business has grown. Today, Lee buys windows, doors and bifolds from the company and appreciate the quality and speed of the supply.

Lee concludes: “As an award-winning company we’re always busy and we can’t afford any delays. At the same time, it’s vital that we maintain our standards so we can maintain our reputation. Universal Trade Frames’ products help us do that.”


flush sashUniversal Trade Frames’ Flush Casement False Vent passes PAS 24 security test. Can your supplier say the same?

Universal Trade Frames’ Flush Casement Window has achieved the PAS 24:2016 accreditation and has passed Parts 1 and 2 of BS 6375 which cover weathertightness and operation and strength. What’s more, not only did the standard window pass the tests, the versions with night vent locking and dummy vents achieved the same results as well.

Universal Trade Frames’ Managing Director Brian Kruger said: “The false sash is typically the weakest part of a flush casement when it comes to security and weathering, so it’s usual to rely on the cascade testing method and assume accreditation without testing. Universal’s Spectus Flush Casement Window is different and we were so confident in its abilities we did not hesitate to send it for testing. We are delighted to have been proved right and we believe we have one of the only flush casement windows in the industry that has fully accredited PAS 24 2016 flush casement dummy vent certification.”

The tests give installers a valuable sales tool when it comes to giving customers one of the things they value the most – peace of mind that their home is secure. It will also be valuable on commercial contracts where test credentials are often a pre-requisite. Brian commented: “If PAS 24:2016 accreditation is a requirement on a project, we can prove our window’s credentials. The question contractors need to ask themselves is: can our supplier say the same? The accreditation is something that gives our customers a clear point of difference in the market place.”

The Spectus Flush Casement Window mimics the appearance of a traditional nineteenth century casement window, making it perfect for heritage and conservation zone properties as well as new builds. Like all Universal Trade Frames’ products, the Flush Casement is manufactured in its state of the art manufacturing facility in Shrewsbury.

By adding these impressive test credentials to its Flush Casement Window, Universal Trade Frames has given its customers the tools they need to position the product as one of the strongest and most secure on the market. It’s the kind of proactive move you’d expect from a company renowned for adding value to its customers’ businesses.


flush sashUniversal Trade Frames add Spectus Flush Casement Window to its portfolio

Shropshire-based trade fabricator Universal Trade Frames has just added the Spectus Flush Casement Window to its portfolio. Managing Director Brian Kruger said: “Like all Spectus products, the Flush Casement Window is a best-in-class product that delivers excellence at every level and we are delighted to be adding it to our range.”

The Spectus Flush Casement Window mimics the appearance of a traditional nineteenth century casement window, making it perfect for heritage and conservation zone properties as well as new builds. Its authentic appearance is achieved with a bevelled exterior with a bevelled or sculptured option for the interior. The sashes and deep bottom rail are mechanically jointed and authentic hardware completes the authentic look. Despite the traditional appearance, the window has all the hallmarks of an impressive modern window: exceptional security and U values as low as 1.4W/m2K. The window is available in all 28 Spectrum colours.

Brian commented: “We are committed to delivering the products our customers need. In the Flush Casement Window we have a window that offers a wealth of opportunities in a growing market sector.”

Universal Trade Frames is a family-owned company that was founded in 1996. The business prides itself on the quality products and service it supplies and believes in adding value to its customers’ businesses.

The Flush Casement Window will be part of an impressive portfolio that also includes the Spectus Elite 70 system, Spectus Elite 70 Framed SolidorTM composite doors, the Spectus Vertical Slider, triple glazed options, Residence 9 windows, Patio Doors, Conservatories, Ultraframe Conservatory roofs, Aluminium Windows, Aluminium Bifolding doors, Canopies and Kestral Roofline and Cladding. All products are fabricated in Universal Trade Frames state of the art manufacturing facility in Shrewsbury.

Universal Trade Frames has developed a reputation for its ability to stay ahead of industry trends. The addition of the Spectus Flush Casement Window to its portfolio is a perfect demonstration of this commitment.


20th Anniversary Prize Draw Winner

As part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations, we ran a prize draw over three months this year.  On 15th July Jean Kruger, Director of Universal drew the winning ticket for the prize of £1000.

We’re delighted to announce that the winner is Cockshutt Windows Ltd of Ellesmere.

Martin has decided to take the prize as a weekend away commenting “I am absolutely delighted and thrilled to have won the prize which Universal have offered to celebrate their 20th anniversary in business and would like to take this opportunity of wishing them continued success for the future”

The date for the presentation is yet to be finalised.

20 years


Ultraroof 380 launch

On 30 June, Universal held a seminar at the Albrighton Hall Hotel & Spa for local customers to introduce Ultraframe’s new Ultraroof 380. 

Well attended, the delegates enjoyed both the presentation and buffet lunch!!

Simple and lightweight the Ultraroof 380 offers a rapid installation - 2 hours water tight and 6 hours tiled, making it an ideal replacement for both old conservatory roofs and new installations.  Full accreditation with three simple components and a choice of tile colour and glazing options offer further flexibility and positive market perception.

For further details please contact Kevin Jennings, our Sales and Marketing Manager on 07772 971199 or our Sales Office on 01743 442244.


20 years

This year is our 20th Anniversary and we’re celebrating!!

The Universal Trade Frames story began in 1996, always and still a family owned business, we are about to celebrate 20 years of fabricating windows and doors in Shropshire.
We have customers that have been trading with us since we started and we truly appreciate their confidence in us.

The partnerships between Universal and our customers has helped us develop a mutually beneficial relationship, which has enabled us and them to grow our businesses over these 20 years. Expanding both our product offering and our manufacturing facility, enabling us to invest in our customers, staff, state of the art equipment and systems to automate production and continually enhance our quality and service, this has only been made possible by their continuing support and loyalty.

Consistency is the name of the game; during these 20 years we have always been a Spectus Systems fabricator, adding to this relationship strong quality brands such as Solidor, Fab & Fix, Yale, Roto and Ultraframe. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our suppliers for their continued support.

Brian Kruger, Managing Director of Universal says that “2016 will be an exciting year for Universal. We are proud to be celebrating 20 years in business and to mark this small milestone and create a bit of fun for our customers, Universal is offering our customers the opportunity of winning a weekend away, or products to the value of £1000, with a prize draw taking place to mark the 20th anniversary.”


The 2016 FIT SHOW is only three weeks away…

In Telford from 12 to 14 April, Spectus Systems are exhibiting two new products on Stand 125.

The new 70mm Flush Fit Casement Window System and the Flush Fit Tilt & Turn Window.

Both of these products will be available from Universal and we’ll advise dates as soon as possible.

Spectus are offering tours of their extrusion and foiling plants in Telford for anyone wishing to visit their showroom in the Epwin Support Centre, which is located just 5 minutes from the FIT Show.

A shuttle bus service will be operating to take visitors from Epwin to the Fit Show and back, with free parking also available.

Universal will be on site in the Spectus showroom at Epwin throughout the show for anyone wishing to call in, see us and collect free Universal promotional merchandise. The Universal Ride Over Patio for Spectus now forms part of the Spectus showroom and we’ll be delighted to discuss availability from our stock profiles including coloured foils with the associated cost savings.

Solidor are also exhibiting some exciting new products on their stand 110 and in the Atrium. The Fit Show is bigger again this year with all the benefits of proximity to Epwin & Spectus – we look forward to seeing you!!


Spectus Window Systems Patio Doors available in nine colours from stock

Universal is the only authorised Patio kit supplier for Spectus Window Systems. 
Available in kit format, or as fabricated patio doors from extensive profile stocks, you have the choice of 2, 3 or 4 pane options in a range of nine colours.

In addition to the standard profile range of White, Golden Oak and Rosewood, Universal also offers the following ex-stock profiles:

White Woodgrain decor
Cream Woodgrain decor
Chartwell Green on White
Irish Oak decor
Anthracite Grey on White
Black-brown on White

We offer all the choice with none of the costs associated with holding stock.

For the trade fabricator, it means you can offer your customers a faster response and service without waiting weeks for a patio to either start or complete an installation.


2015 was a busy year for Universal

2015 was a busy year for Universal with a number of changes implemented to further improve our quality and service:

Investment of over £350K in production has increased both our efficiency and quality levels. This was further supplemented by the additional investment of £60K in two Urban Quad Welders for sashes.

To support this investment we have also employed additional personnel including Karin Pierce, Customer Service Manager who will manage our sales office and customer service and Andy Fullerton our new Despatch Supervisor who joined us in December to improve our logistics operation.

We are looking forward to 2016 with the development of some ’niche’ market products which will offer an even greater choice for our customers. More details on these will be available as we launch them.