Triple Glazing

When choosing the specification of your new windows you may opt for triple glazing rather than the standard 28mm double glazed. Triple glazed windows can achieve U Values as low as 1.0 and an WER A+ rating thus reducing energy bills.

Spectus PCV-U combined with a selection of beads is one of the most cost-effective ways of producing triple glazed windows. We offer two bead options, 36mm and 40mm, therefore it is possible to offer the exact specification or WER requirement to satisfy the customer needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Triple glazed windows can be the highest performing, most thermally efficient solution
  • 2 Glass and cavities work together to insulate from the cold
  • Fits exactly the same way as your existing double glazing
  • Can reduce external noise
  • Can reduce energy bills
  • All of our glazing beads are compatible with ovolo and bevelled profiles

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triple glazing